Thursday, 12 May 2016


This was one movie that didn't have much of a happy ending, but managed to teach those who wonder if the grass is greener on the other side that they better stay on this side of the fence. Temptation got the better of Judith, a woman who got married to her childhood sweetheart who had eventually got bored with her good man and felt she deserved an extraordinary man and with a matching extraordinary life. She didn't believe that her husband could give her the exciting life she craved so started  looking for it within a young single billionaire that flirted with her giving her the attention that her husband wasn't giving her. Once she fell deep in love with the forbidden fruit of this unpredictable billionaire did things start taking a turn for the worse. She learnt the hard way that her fling just lost her all that she had taken for granted, but it wasn't till she was out of the trench of trouble that she realised what she had. The movies lesson was enough to leave an impression on you, even though their are many similar movies that have had a better execution and managed to keep you interested all the way to the climax. This movie had a lot of interesting moments and a good twist at the end but not enough flow to lead you to clear path of understanding. A good watch but not a great one. It's just Average.

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