Thursday, 19 May 2016

HUSK (2011)

A try hard horror that pushes the same premise as most typical horrors where a group of friends are going on a trip that is going to be a trip of a lifetime. Consists of one cool jock with hottie girlfriend that one of his mates has a thing for, his closest buddy and the nerdy kid that somehow is part of the inner circle get stranded in the middle of nowhere. A lot of horror movies start this way but if we can ignore the lack of imagination that comes when you have to copy the typical horror story, its hard to ignore that these friends don't really show the chemistry that close friends would have if they spent more then the time this movie took to run its course. As long as when something happens out of the ordinary to them, they could at least respond as someone normally would if something off was happening. The more realistic their reaction the more believable the scene and the more immersive we feel. So if you looking for a bad flick with bad acting and script, then this is the movie for you. Watch or play rate this crap on film with high regard.

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