Thursday, 25 February 2016


Im writing about my boy who will be in prep next year, but I'm concerned because he seems like he won't be ready by the time the year is up. He shows very little independence and he is sticks to me like glue when i try to encourage him to play with other kids which makes four year old kinder a bit of a nightmare. He runs to the toilet in the last 5 seconds he has to go, which results in the usual accident. He doesn't have much of an appetite which makes every meal a struggle. Im hoping he grows out of this possible phase fast because i don't want to hold him back.

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  1. That sounds like most boys there is no need to worry boys take a little longer than girls to mature up. If you have any concern why not speak to the prep teachers and tell them about your concerns I'm sure you'd find they would have stories a lot complicated than your own.