Tuesday, 7 October 2014


The more of a closed mind you have the less of life you've chosen to let in. If you've closed your mind to certain possibilities because the chances are low and not probable, then you may as well close your mind to the miracles that happen in our every day life. Life is made up of moments that challenge what we consider possible whether you just see them as serendipity moments or you believe them to be much more then random events in our life, its hard to deny that we are flying blind in what we know about life. Our rational mind has convinced us that the easier explanation must be the answer but our curiosity side strives to know more about the meaning behind the our unanswered question. Its this part of us that keeps our mind open and transforms the impossible into the possible, but what our cynical minds cant fathom is that you'll need to put a little blind faith in the things you might not understand unless you want to overlook the affects of the possible circumstances that you never planned for. Its sometimes the smallest things that you have overlooked that can cause the biggest impact in our lives, so keep your mind curious and open to the probable and you will be free to see what others fail to appreciate.

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