Sunday, 31 August 2014


I feel frustrated when all i want to do is my job and to be treated like everyone else. It seems that my boss has worked out how to push his staff out of a job in such a gentle way that it can't be classed as work case bullying. He chooses his words carefully and covers his selective bad treatment up by throwing the odd staff member names in the mix of mistakes. But if i was to do some of the things that his so called favourite staff do, i would be in his office so quick my head would spin. It doesn't matter what i try to do, i feel like I'm always in the bad books for even the smallest of things. I just wish that if its wrong for me than it shouldn't be right for anyone else.

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  1. Sticking with a job is not always the best decision especially when each day it makes you feel bad. Making the decision to leave the job could save you alot of heartache. When you do find a job where your appreciated you will feel like kicking yourself for not making that decision sooner.